Thursday, February 17, 2011


One of the sketchiest days of my life. I was afraid of getting robbed or beaten up or both. Just so many weirdos around this neighbourhood amongst the beauty and the splendid view. In the end I was almost robbed on the way to the metro but luckily my dear friend and I fought back and escaped in one piece and with only a bruised shoulder. The whole time we kept telling each other 'get me off this island'. That's what it felt like. A completely separate island. Never a dull moment. oh Paris


  1. definitivamente la primera!
    que colores!!! parece una visión bajo agua

  2. Wow que imponente!
    cuando me sacaras a mi ?

  3. Will never forget that moment! we were smart and got away! ;) get me off this island!!!!

  4. Oh Kam-that is crazy. My brother ran with the bulls in Pamplona *years ago*, and the night before the run, he couldn't find any place to sleep because of how packed the city was. He ended up falling asleep, curled up in an entryway of a building. The city was wild with people, and drunks. At some point, he heard men around him, and they started trying to rob him-he gave such a shout and jumped up so quickly that they ran off. Just thinking about it freaks me out. Glad you, and Anna were able to get out of there, but sorry for the bruised shoulder!

  5. *Should add-they thought he was a drunk that had passed out, but when he gave the shout, and the jumped up flinging his arms up wildly-they realized he was far from drunk.

    Anyhow, just thought I would clarify. :)

  6. Your brother is brave!
    It's these kind of freaks that ruin a vacation but we can't let them get to us. Sadly here in Barcelona on average 1000 people get robbed a day and the law protects the robbers.


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