Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nazare, Portugal

When my friends came to visit two years ago we decided to head to Portugal for a few days. Nazare was the last spot on our trip. We never planned to come here. We just picked a city closest to the ocean and looked it up. Within moments we headed to the bus station (a very dodgy place by the way) and on the next bus to Nazare. We only spent one night here but that was plenty. Definitely a summer holiday town. Not much to do but hit the beach, drink and party. As you enter there are gypsies everywhere trying to rent you their apartment. Be firm.


  1. Ese mar turquesa dios mío !
    Que grandesa ! :D

  2. That last shot of the water is so gorgeous, and I also love that first pic. Very nice shot of repetitive geometric pattern.

  3. si el color es increíble.
    the water is just breath taking. could just look at it for hours...while drinking something of course.

  4. incredible photography! i love the shot with the water and the huts :) xx

  5. The first one...magnificent! Thanks for your visit on my blog and your kind comment :)


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