Sunday, November 14, 2010

Peace in our time...

I'm still in Munich and we planned to go out last night online to discover that clubs would be closing down at midnight. Yesterday here in Munich there was a demonstration by the Neo-Nazi party (some 300 hundred people) and as soon as the city found out about it they decided to organize another demonstration 'Munich is Colourful' which attracted some three thousand people. That's the way to go! The city almost felt like a war-zone with police everywhere. Today in Germany is supposed to be a sort of remembrance day. Munich IS beautiful! Photographs from Munich to come this week. *this picture is taken in Toronto from a few weeks ago*


  1. Nice shot. Peace in our time would be a wonderful thing.

  2. It's quite shocking that a neo-nazi party even exists. but as i learned they bribe people with a bbq and free things.

  3. Thanks for your visit and your nice comment on my blog. It must be nice to travel as much as you seem to do.
    Regards M

  4. uhh, interesting, hehe, who told you all this interesting things. hehehe. Besos

  5. Boris, I'm happy to see that you dropped by! You are such an insight to German life.



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