Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Come what may...

One of the down sides to living in a city like Barcelona is the theft and corruption that comes along with it. Today my friend's flat was broken into. This is the second time one of my friends/colleagues has been robbed in under two months and it frustrates me that the police doesn't do anything to fix the serious problems in the city yet they have all the time in the world to fine people for innocent 'crimes' like drinking on the street (which recently became illegal in Spain and somewhat enforced in Barcelona. 30Euro fine. This pic is for my friend and everyone who has been robbed (including myself). We have to be strong and continue with our lives (if we live in fear, the criminals win) and open the governments eyes to take action and do something to clean up this city. This pic was taken near Port Olimpic in Barcelona. 


  1. Well said bobs...Love of my all time fav' songs...

  2. i guess the person who spray painted this was being poetic or also had one of those days where all you can do is accept what's happened.

  3. I love this song..and all of Moulin Rouge! That's so ridiculous about the crime but then they enforce drinking on the streets. I remember dealing with some crazy policies like that when I was studying in Italy. We had a major gas leak in our apartment and we called the police and fire department and they never showed up! Maybe that's the price to pay to live in a beautiful, historic city : /


  4. Sad news indeed. There has been a lot of burglaries in the small village where I live in the last month. Around 20 houses have been robbed. Police are yet to arrest someone.

  5. Yes it's sad and it's ridiculous. It seems like the law protects the criminals more than it protects its citizens. This town needs to change otherwise one by one the foreigners living here will eventually get fed up to a point that they will leave and/or the tourism will decline. One should always be vigilant but should not have to spend their holiday at the police station.

    Spain like Italy has many problems. I guess you can't have it all.


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