Thursday, November 18, 2010

BMW Welt (world)

While in Munich I went to the BMW Welt...welt=world in German. This was the free entrance show room. Next door was the museum which we never got around to. The place was spectacular, architecturally speaking; sort of reminded me of some of the Bond films. Speaking of...did you know that Pierce Brosnan is set to star in his own TV series?

The fancy restaurant. You can see the Olympic village in the distance...



  1. Very cool! One day when I actually get to drive a BMW I will understand why everyone loves them so much.

  2. you and me both!! I prefer a mini-cooper for those weekend get-a-ways.

  3. I fall in love with the top photo! A BMW in yellow, my favorite car in my favorite color! Beautiful.

  4. Wow Impressive!And so perfect pictures!
    Thanks for your kind visit and comment!
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg


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