Sunday, July 4, 2010

summer weekends

I love summer. So much life and so much love in the city like no other time of the year. The pants come off and the shorts come on (unless you're the infamous naked man. In that case everything comes off except tattoos. but good for him. He's got a penis. and he is proud! wooo hoo). For the rest of us, shoes off, flip flip flops on. This is summer in Barcelona. The city is just hustling with tourists and locals hoping for a glimpse of the sun and some eye candy. This Saturday my lovely Swedish friend and I started aimlessly walking down Passeig de Gracia (one of the biggest shopping streets) and found ourselves at Vincon, one of my favourite shops here. Although I can't afford anything, it's nice to look at. I call it the very expensive and designer IKEA. Everything you can imagine for your home and more. Cute things. Practical things. Comfortable things. Useless things. They've got it all. They also always have a unique window display that draws attention. We also managed to discover a small gallery inside. This is the store where dreams and ideas start to unfold of a life we may or may not have some where down the road. We continued walking to more shops and found our way at H&M. It's rebajas time. SALES SALES SALES. Also H&M pricing is much more to my liking at this point in my life. and the journey continued onwards to the beach. After a day of walking. What more could you want than a pitcher of Sangria while people watching and admiring the view. Priceless. mmm. Summer. I like.


I wonder if this was the evolution of the Statue of Liberty...

The current window display of Vincon. Photographs from BCN.

Louis Vuitton does South Africa.

1.5l of love. aka sangria.

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