Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Barcelona Pride 2010

There is a lot to be proud of here in Barcelona. If I'm not mistaken, Spain was one of the first countries (if not THE first) to legalize gay marriage back in 2005. Barcelona brings together people from all over the world especially latin america with hopes of starting a new life away from poverty, violence and corruption. Some people come here to escape the cold, others come here to tap into the Catalan/Spanish way of life. It's a city of many colours. It's a city that accepts everyone for who they are (most of the time anyway). Surely everyone has something to be proud of.

Looks like a kiddy carnival!

Placa Espanya, packed!

The boys of Matinee Group.

Fully loaded weapon.

Love between equals is not so different.

All the colours of the rainbow, so pretty.

United we stand.

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