Friday, June 25, 2010

Sant Joan celebrations. People gather as bon fire of wood, old furniture etc is in full action. You can feel the intensity of the heat meters away. Felt a bit like a civil war going down. But being in Catalunya I wouldn't be surprised. Anything is posible. Firecrackers going off every few seconds...all night long. It is regarded as one of the top 3 holidays here, after Christmas and New Years. In fact taxi fares include a supplement of 3.50EUR after 20:00 and 5EUR after midnight. An expensive night. We spent our night on a lovely terrace down the street but most locals and tourists were at the beach. A lovely night, complete with all the key ingredients of life: food, booze and good company. What more do you need?!
Photo taken near Urquinaona, Calle Bruc.


  1. What happened to your daily photos melocoton?

  2. sorry. i've been busy and lazy.
    new post live now!


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