Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Orchid Fever

I love orchids. I have nothing more to say. They are just beautiful! Sometimes I think roses are over rated because there are so many beautiful flowers in this world but then again you just can go wrong with the classic symbol of love. And what is life without love. Empty. Lonely. Miserable. I have yet to find love but I also haven't lost hope. I keep looking. Perhaps in all the wrong places. But it's just the beginning, it's not the end. It's spring after all and it's time for new journeys. Happy Spring!


  1. beauty! I love flowers...like I love lamp

  2. Happy Spring to you, too!

    I adore orchids. One of my favorite flowers.

    I remember those lonely times Kam.

    No es muy divertido, pero aprenderas mucho de vosotro. Es un tiempo con muchas lecciones.

    I was practicing-don't make fun of me! Probably totally ruined what I was intending to say, but hopefully that came out, somewhat.

  3. si claro. no es mal! tu español es muy bueno!

  4. unos primeros planos magnificos

  5. Beautiful orchids!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog! :-)

  6. Is so nice this photo. You are the best!


  7. Orchids have been my favorite flower since prom days in high school when I'd buy an orchid corsage for my girl friend (who later became my wife) and 54 (in June) years later we're still together.

    Love sometimes finds you...but don't give up...it's worth the effort...

  8. oh that's so sweet! congrats to the both of you :) good to know that romance hasn't died.


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