Friday, October 22, 2010

Toronto from the top...

I'm in Toronto for the week. This is where I grew up so it's always nice to be home and catch up with my dear friends. Last time I was there my friend and I decided to go up theCN Tower, which used to be the tallest free standing tower at 553.33m tall. I haven't been up since I was a kid so it was definitely a nostalgic moment. It's a bit pricy to get up but the view is totally worth it!

Looking west.

Looking north east.

Looking south west at the Toronto Island Airport runway. Right now there is only one airline flying and soon Air Canada will start flying through there. 

The banks!


  1. by kenji I discovered your wonderful pictures !
    your views are impressive, your landscapes and structures are very beautiful, as the n°4 and 5, thank you for this trip !
    I like your style, your technique and your good work, I'll follow you with pleasure... :)
    Bye Mahon :)

  2. thanks so much for you comment. i hope i will be able to continue to impress you.

  3. I was the friend!! :)))) I still have pics from the CN Tower that we took. Remember the security check with the gust of air that I did not like?? LOL!! Good times!!

  4. omg I totally remember. it was so awkward!!


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